Coffee Shop Start-Up Bootcamp

The Coffee Shop Owners Survey 2017

Survey Summary

The latest survey of over 100 budding or new coffee shop and café owners has shown that over two-thirds of them want to understand their figures and benchmark how much money they should make

This survey is one of the largest polls on the issues that matter to new coffee shop owners, the major findings of the research include:

  • 67% said that they were most concerned or confused with the ‘figures’ and especially how much money they should make
  • 64% didn't know how to set up systems and processes to free them from the day to day running of their business
  • 61% said they were confused about how to choose a great site to open
  • 45% stated that they were concerned that their menu was not profitable enough and their average spend was too little

The survey reveals that most new coffee shop or café owners are not prepared properly before they open and struggle to make a decent profit for their endeavours. The study was prompted in preparation for the Coffee shop Start-up Bootcamp being run by John Richardson and Andrew & Claire Bowen at Union Hand Roasted Coffee's brand new Campus in London over three days from 20th September 2017.

We speak to new coffee shops every day who are missing out on tens of thousands of profit every year because of these issues which is why we are running the Bootcamp in September. The Bootcamp is designed to give them the solution – every little thing they need to do to set up a successful and profitable coffee shop. It’s absolutely the fastest way to get from idea to fully functional and profitable business.

John Richardson John Richardson
Coffee Profit Lab

We have recorded a Webinar that answers these exact four questions - click the button below to watch the training


The Coffee Shop Start Up Bootcamp is…

• Designed to give you the solution – every little thing you need to do to set up a successful and profitable coffee shop
• It’s absolutely the fastest way to get from idea to fully functional and profitable business…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Meet your Bootcamp Trainers

John Richardson

John Richardson is the author of three best selling books about the coffee shop and cafe industry, he is regularly asked to speak at events and recently appeared on Channel 4's Tricks of the Restaurant Trade.

John has worked with some of the UK's best known coffee chains to grow their profitability and has run several multi million pound hospitality businesses.

John Richardson, Coffee Profit Lab & Best Selling Author
Andrew & Claire Bowen

Andrew & Claire Bowen are coffee shop consultants and the authors of the best selling book, The Daily Grind - how to open and run a coffee shop that makes money. They are the founders of the biggest online resource for coffee shop and cafe owners.

They are regular contributors to CoffeeBi, Boughtons Coffee House Magazine and Cafe Culture Australia and China.

Andrew & Claire Bowen, Cafe Success & Authors of The Daily Grind

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  • Pre Bootcamp

    We want you to be fully prepared for The Bootcamp so that you get the most out of the intensive two days. So we give you a little bit of homework!

    4 weeks before coming to Bootcamp you will receive everything you need to make the most your course and get your business plans on the right foot.

It's not a lifestyle business

80% of new independent coffee shops fail in the first 2 years, The Bootcamp will save you from making the mistakes that most people make.

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  • A Perfect Location

    Choosing the best location to open your new coffee business will be one of the biggest factors in its success. There is a fine balance between overpaying for a site or opening somewhere that you will never be found. Knowing what makes this difference is a ‘black art’.

    Because getting this right is such an important aspect, we will ask you to do some pre course research work on your chosen sites, and then show you how you can score each one against our ‘clever location checklist’.

  • A Perfect Menu

    Putting together a great menu that is profitable, appealing and can be made with the least number of ingredients is a science and an art all in one.

    Selecting the best ingredients, suppliers and then steering through the jungle of food safety, can be daunting. Mistakes made on a menu can cost you dearly, not just in lower margins but from higher waste and staff costs, so getting this right must be a priority for any new coffee business.

    The Bootcamp will take you through the science of pricing, how little changes can deliver big results, show you how to use the rule of ‘3+1’ and other ‘secrets of successful menus’.

Jeremy Torz

We’re delighted to be part of the UK’s first Coffee Shop Bootcamp, helping aspiring coffee shop owners navigate the world of specialty coffee.

This two day workshop will give the budding coffee shop owner everything they need to start a new coffee business successfully.


Jeremy Torz Union Hand-Roasted Coffee

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  • A Perfect Design Layout

    The look, feel and efficiency of your new coffee business will be forever ingrained in your design.

    Knowing what your guests will love and how to build in operational efficiencies into a design is something that most architects and designers don’t get. They tend to look at the aesthetics and design elements on their own.

    An extra step taken by a team member or time taken to explain to a guest how everything works, will be repeated many millions of times in the life of the business. These extra steps and conversions will add considerably to the running costs and will impact on the speed of service, potentially upsetting your guests.

    You will put together a mock up shop during The Bootcamp and be able to work through your plans for your chosen location.


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The value of this two day intensive Bootcamp is immeasurable. The combined knowledge and experience of John, Andrew & Claire, the expertise of Union Hand-Roasted and the pre and post course support, will give The Bootcampers an enormous advantage in their new business.

  • Getting your Legals Right

    There is so much to consider when setting up a business and sometimes the wrong things are penny pinched.

    The cost of advice from lawyers, accountants etc can be high but not taking correct advice could be fatal for your business. We will take you through the key areas that you need to do properly to safeguard yourself and your new business.

Menu Balance

The balance of a menu between sweet & savoury, take away & eat in, sizes & prices, descriptions & deals, is a complicated process - getting it wrong means you are leaving money on the table.

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  • Equipment

    Choosing the right equipment, whether the coffee machine or the till, will have a long term effect on the profitability of your business.

    Buying on price is rarely the right way, reliability and scale-ability are often not considered, but how do you know that the equipment you buy today will be what you need tomorrow?

    Our experience and that of our partners, Union Hand-Roasted and Nobly POS will allow you to make informed decisions on the features you will need to consider when choosing your equipment.

Big brands need to up their game as independent coffee shops achieve highest total excellence scores from UK coffee shop visitors.

- Allegra, World Coffee Portal

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  • Systemisation

    One of the most challenging aspects of setting up an new coffee business is making it work without the owner being around. So many businesses rely too much on their founders to keep the wheels moving and when they are not around trade suffers.

    A significant theme throughout The Bootcamp will be how to set up routines and processes that will allow you to step back from the day to day operations to allow the business to flourish.

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