Ready To Open Scorecard

Discover how ready you are to open your new coffee shop or cafe.

Our 'Ready To Open' (RTO) Scorecard will assess how ready you are to open a successful and profitable coffee business that you will be proud of.

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Have you a crystal clear vision for your new coffee shop that you can share with potential customers, staff and backers alike? Are you clear on your 'Big Why?', your values and what your new coffee business will stand for?
Have you worked in a coffee shop or cafe previously?
Have you been on or planned to go on any training courses on running a coffee business?
Do you visit trade shows and read relevant coffee shop trade magazines?
How many Coffee Shop Books have you read?
MONEY: Do you know what you will need to spend and have you enough available?
COMPANY SET UP: Have you set up your company, taken the advice of an accountant, have a shareholder agreement in place, registered for VAT and are ready for 'Making tax digital'?
Have you identified a great location to open that matches your vision and values?
If you are going to lease the premises have you taken legal advice from a specialist property lawyer, had break clauses included and the relevant searches complete?
If you have a site have you checked that you have the relevant planning permissions and licences needed to operate?
If you have a site have you calculated the breakeven point based on rent versus sales level?
If you have a site have you produced a design that will be efficient to run and attractive to guests?

MENU: Have you a fully costed menu that is fully balanced against day parts, sweet, savoury and will hit your margin target?

SUPPLIERS: Have you set up your accounts and agreed prices and service agreements?

EQUIPMENT: Have you chosen all the equipment you will need based on suitability for the expected trade levels?
STAFF: Have you written the job descriptions and have a training and recruitment plan in place? Have you agreed on the staff structure, roles and responsibilities and pay rates as well as written contracts and terms & conditions of employment?
MARKETING: Have you got a website, set up your social media profiles, registered on TripAdvisor and Google business pages?
LEGALS: Have you got the policies and procedures for Food Safety, COSHH, Fire Safety, Allergens and registered your business with the local environmental health department?
EXIT: Have you built in an exit plan into your business? At some stage, you will want to sell or pass on the business and this is always best planned for at the startup stage?
ANALYSIS AND REPORTING: Have you set up your weekly profit report and cash flow forecaster?
Just a few questions about your situation. When are you planning to open?
What country are you opening in?

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