Coffee Shop Start-Up Bootcamp

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

When will the ONLINE Course be available

We are working away at furiously, make sure you register to be notified of the launch date

Where is it being held?

The Online versions will be available anywhere you have internet access,

The 2019 Bootcamps are yet to be confirmed

​​​​​​What exactly is the Boot camp?

It’s absolutely the fastest way to get from idea to a fully functioning and profitable business… There is NOTHING missed out; these two days are designed to give you the solution – every little thing you need to do to set up a successful and profitable coffee shop.

Will you help me with understanding the financials and how much profit I should make?

Definitely! This is one of the biggest reasons we are running the boot camp – to give you crystal clarity on how much money you should be making and what you need to do to make it. Our obsession is about helping you run a profitable business, not how to make a great cup of coffee. In fact John Richardson has the most detailed process for this we have ever seen!

I've found a site(s) already- can you tell me what the best one is?

You will be going through in detail what makes an amazing site versus a good one and delving into the 73 point checklist you can use going forward to analyse the potential of any location quickly.

I'm not opening until 2020 - should I come to the next one?

YES – the timing could not be better if you are opening in 2018/19/20 getting this knowledge now will save you a fortune and even your sanity!

I'm worried about how to get good staff - will this help me?

This is one of the biggest challenges in the industry at the moment so we’ll be focusing hard on it. We’ve personally employed, in our own businesses, over 1000 people so the advice you’ll be getting couldn’t be further from dry “theory”! You will learn how to attract the best team for your new business and how to motivate and retain them so that they are instrumental in your success.

What guarantees do you offer?

Total 100% money back if, at the end of the first day, you don’t feel you’ll make your investment back many, many times over! No awkward questions, no hoops to jump through. We’re extremely confident in what we’ll be providing you with.

Who is the Bootcamp for​​​​​​​?

If you are planning to open a new coffee shop or cafe or already run one and want to grow your business then you should attend.

Will there be ongoing support?

Yes! You will receive a full month of ongoing support in our members group and one on one telephone support from us.

How much does it cost?

ONLINE will be £499+vat

The two day live event is  £999 + VAT – You can bring a colleague/business partner along for and extra £100+vat

Can I bring my business partner?

Of course! We think that’s a great idea – so the extra cost is just £100 + VAT. (if you book a single place you can always add your business partner later)

I'm travelling from abroad, where can I stay locally?

There are many reasonable hotels locally, as well as Airbnb’s within walking distance, it is also close to the Hackney Tube station

Will the be more Bootcamps?

There is one more planned for 2019, please get in touch to find out more.

How do I pay?

We accept credit and debit cards.

Is there a payment plan?

Live event only – If you book at least two months in advance you can spread the payments over two months. Look for the button on the payments page

I am planning to open in Europe/America/Asia - is the content appropriate to me?

Yes – one of the attendees from the Bootcamp was from Luxembourg and found the content to be applicable in her area.
The course is in English so a good understanding is important
We regularly talk to people from all over the world in our consultancy businesses.

What training guides are there for my team?

You will get access to John’s “Coffee Profit Lab” and Andrew and Claire’s Coffee shop Owners Guest Getting system “COGGS” as a bootcamp member.
As well as a value of over £1000, these are filled with invaluable resources to help you produce your own training manuals, procedures and processes.

I have business that I want to add a coffee shop to, is it worth me attending?

Yes – in fact one of the last Bootcampers is doing exactly this and he stopped himself from making many mistakes through attending.

I have already got a location / funding / business plan and don't need to cover this again?

Each Bootcamp has is small group each with different scenarios. This makes it possible to spend time individually on your specific needs.
Even if you are some way along your plan you will get valuable insight that will give you more clarity.
Previous attendees have made significant improvements to their plans during the course of the Bootcamp

Do you tell us what coffee or coffee machines to use?

No – but we can give you advice on how to choose these and provide you with details of suppliers we have used personally.

What support do I get before and after the Bootcamp

From the minute you join and for a month after you can can speak to us or email us with your questions. It’s a great added bonus

What else is included in the Live Bootcamp?

You are not just booking the two day Bootcamp workshop, there are many other bonuses included

  • A Pre-Bootcamp pack – sent to you before the workshop
  • Phone/Skype/email support before the Bootcamp
  • Access to the Bootcamp Resource centre which includes everything we go through and more at the Bootcamp
  • Membership of the Bootcamp Alumni secret Facebook group
  • Free access to John’s ‘Coffee Profit Lab’
  • Free access to Andrew & Claire COGGS’s(Coffee shop Owners Guest Getting System) marketing programme

Meet your Bootcamp Trainers

John Richardson

John Richardson is the author of three best selling books about the coffee shop and cafe industry, he is regularly asked to speak at events and recently appeared on Channel 4's Tricks of the Restaurant Trade.

John has worked with some of the UK's best known coffee chains to grow their profitability and has run several multi million pound hospitality businesses.

John Richardson, Coffee Profit Lab & Best Selling Author
Andrew & Claire Bowen

Andrew & Claire Bowen are coffee shop consultants and the authors of the best selling book, The Daily Grind - how to open and run a coffee shop that makes money. They are the founders of the biggest online resource for coffee shop and cafe owners.

They are regular contributors to CoffeeBi, Boughtons Coffee House Magazine and Cafe Culture Australia and China.

Andrew & Claire Bowen, Cafe Success & Authors of The Daily Grind
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  • Pre-Bootcamp – Before you attend The Bootcamp you will be required to prepare by completing the pre-course work book and exercises. These will be sent out four weeks before and a launch webinar to get you started.

  • Your Pitch – Introductions of yourselves and your new business concept. Having a crystal clear vision of your coffee business is essential for success. This module will help fine tune this for you, your investors and guests.

    Menu & Costings Designing a menu that will be appealing to guests, efficient for staff and profitable for you is tough. You will learn how to balance ingredients, day parts, sweet & savoury, drinks & food, to produce a menu that will maximise both your sales and profit. You will discover the secrets of pricing and physical menu design for you to implement in your new business. You will learn how to understand your margins and why minor variations in recipes can cost you many $1000’s over a year.

    Location – Finding the right location for your new business is a ‘dark art’. This module will go through exactly what you need to know about a potential site to decide on its suitability and potential.

    Layout & Design – The design, both interior and exterior of your business, is critical in it’s success. This is a practical session where we will go though typical design styles and work with your designs to optimise them.

  • Finance & P+L – We will discuss the best ways to raise finance and how to structure your new business. How to manage your P+L accounts and set up early warning systems so you never have a financial surprise.

    People & Scheduling – Being great at recruitment, selection, training, retention and scheduling will have a big impact on your bottom line. You will learn how to become a magnet for the best people in your area.

    Equipment & Suppliers – You will find out how to choose the right equipment and suppliers and how by building a relationship with them they will become invested in your success too. You will also be clear on the long term costs of different equipment solutions.

    Marketing – We will show you exactly what you need to do, to quickly build a loyal customer base without expensive marketing campaigns.

    Technology – From EPOS systems to accounting software, we will cover the must haves and nice to haves that will make running your new business simpler, better and cheaper.

    Systems and Processes – Only when you systemise your business will you be able to move away from the day to day running of it. This module will take you through the ways to start systemising from day 1 and share with you some of the things that a small business can use for free.

  • Phone/Email/Skype support – From the second you sign up until a month after the Bootcamp you are free to speak to us about your plans. If you need to make a decision before the Bootcamp our knowledge and experience will help you make the right call. Value £99 per month.

    Pre Bootcamp Pack – You will get a pre Bootcamp pack that will get you thinking about your business plans

    Bootcamp Resource Centre – Everything you cover and more is included in the online resource centre for you to review after the workshop. This library of contents is constantly building and will become a very important part of your business in the future. Value – not available to anyone not on the Bootcamp!

    Membership of the private Bootcamp Alumni Facebook group – learn and network with the ex Bootcampers who are all in a similar situation to you.

    John Richardson’s ‘Coffee Profit Lab’ Access – John’s private membership site is full to the brim of detailed information that will maximise your profitability – this is included and worth over £500

    COGGS -(Coffee shop Owners Guest Getting System)  – Andrew & Claire’s COGGS programme will teach you how to fill your new coffee shop with guests without spending a penny! Worth £99

    100% Money Back Guarantee – if at the end of the first day you have not had the value we promised we will refund you – no questions asked!

    The total value of attending can be measured in many hundreds of thousands over the life of a coffee shop or cafe.

    Coming to the Bootcamp could be the difference between the successful business you dream of or the nightmare business that keeps you awake at night. If you want to sleep soundly then join today.

  • Pre Bootcamp

    We want you to be fully prepared for The Bootcamp so that you get the most out of the intensive two days. So we give you a little bit of homework!

    4 weeks before coming to Bootcamp you will receive everything you need to make the most your course and get your business plans on the right foot.

It's not a lifestyle business

80% of new independent coffee shops fail in the first 2 years, The Bootcamp will save you from making the mistakes that most people make.

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  • A Perfect Location

    Choosing the best location to open your new coffee business will be one of the biggest factors in its success. There is a fine balance between overpaying for a site or opening somewhere that you will never be found. Knowing what makes this difference is a ‘black art’.

    Because getting this right is such an important aspect, we will ask you to do some pre course research work on your chosen sites, and then show you how you can score each one against our ‘clever location checklist’.

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  • A Perfect Menu

    Putting together a great menu that is profitable, appealing and can be made with the least number of ingredients is a science and an art all in one.

    Selecting the best ingredients, suppliers and then steering through the jungle of food safety, can be daunting. Mistakes made on a menu can cost you dearly, not just in lower margins but from higher waste and staff costs, so getting this right must be a priority for any new coffee business.

    The Bootcamp will take you through the science of pricing, how little changes can deliver big results, show you how to use the rule of ‘3+1’ and other ‘secrets of successful menus’.

Jeremy Torz

We’re delighted to be part of the UK’s first Coffee Shop Bootcamp, helping aspiring coffee shop owners navigate the world of specialty coffee.

This two day workshop will give the budding coffee shop owner everything they need to start a new coffee business successfully.


Jeremy Torz Union Hand-Roasted Coffee

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  • A Perfect Design Layout

    The look, feel and efficiency of your new coffee business will be forever ingrained in your design.

    Knowing what your guests will love and how to build in operational efficiencies into a design is something that most architects and designers don’t get. They tend to look at the aesthetics and design elements on their own.

    An extra step taken by a team member or time taken to explain to a guest how everything works, will be repeated many millions of times in the life of the business. These extra steps and conversions will add considerably to the running costs and will impact on the speed of service, potentially upsetting your guests.

    You will put together a mock up shop during The Bootcamp and be able to work through your plans for your chosen location.


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The value of this three day intensive Bootcamp is immeasurable. The combined knowledge and experience of John, Andrew & Claire, the expertise of Union Hand-Roasted and the pre and post course support, will give The Bootcampers an enormous advantage in their new business.

  • Getting your Legals Right

    There is so much to consider when setting up a business and sometimes the wrong things are penny pinched.

    The cost of advice from lawyers, accountants etc can be high but not taking correct advice could be fatal for your business. We will take you through the key areas that you need to do properly to safeguard yourself and your new business.

Menu Balance

The balance of a menu between sweet & savoury, take away & eat in, sizes & prices, descriptions & deals, is a complicated process - getting it wrong means you are leaving money on the table.

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  • Equipment

    Choosing the right equipment, whether the coffee machine or the till, will have a long term effect on the profitability of your business.

    Buying on price is rarely the right way, reliability and scale-ability are often not considered, but how do you know that the equipment you buy today will be what you need tomorrow?

    Our experience and that of our partners, Union Hand-Roasted and Nobly POS will allow you to make informed decisions on the features you will need to consider when choosing your equipment.

Big brands need to up their game as independent coffee shops achieve highest total excellence scores from UK coffee shop visitors.

- Allegra, World Coffee Portal

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  • Systemisation

    One of the most challenging aspects of setting up an new coffee business is making it work without the owner being around. So many businesses rely too much on their founders to keep the wheels moving and when they are not around trade suffers.

    A significant theme throughout The Bootcamp will be how to set up routines and processes that will allow you to step back from the day to day operations to allow the business to flourish.

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